Q: I want to make my own followup to Marble Hornets, is that okay?

A: Of course, as long as you don’t say or imply that it’s an official series/movie/etc. Fan works are always cool with me!


Q: I want to make a followup to Marble Hornets, can you help?

A: Sorry, but no. I’m very busy pretty much all the time.


Q: Can you confirm if [MH character] was _______ because I am too.

A: I avoid saying one way or another. If someone sees traits they relate to in a character, who am I to try and take that away?


Q: I’ve made this Marble Hornets merchandise and want to sell it, is that okay?

A: Legally speaking, no. I know that might sound stingy but if I don’t tell everyone that, then it gives large companies precedent to make merch themselves without giving me credit or a share of profits. Basically they can be like “But you didn’t enforce it when THESE people asked!” It’s stupid and I hate it.

That being said, If it’s just something for your group of friends and you’re not profiting off of it then that’s totally fine.


Q: What’s your favorite entry of Marble Hornets?

A: Definitely 86. I’m very proud of it.


Q: Did you really set a house on fire?

A: No. The actual fire was contained to the small area that was being filmed and was extinguished as soon as the camera turned away from it. Everything else was just practical effects.


Q: What’s your thoughts on Marble Hornets ships?

A: People are free to pursue whatever creative outlet they want, including ships! Just please don’t expect me to be into them since all those characters were played by actual people that I’m friends with.


Q: How do you feel about other webseries/ARGs that were influenced by Marble Hornets?

A: All art is theft to some degree. Everyone is influenced by something! I’m flattered if someone says anything I made inspired them!


Q: Have you ever watched any of the other series that were made around the same time as Marble Hornets (like EverymanHybrid, TribeTwelve, etc)?

A: No, but it’s not for any negative reason. We were so deep into making MH that we didn’t have the time to watch anything else.




Q: Will the Marble Hornets Blu Ray ever be available again?

A: Probably not. They were very temperamental with people’s blu ray players and sometimes didn’t work properly. If I sell something I want to be sure it’ll work for everyone.


Q: Will there be a [character] plushie from Makeship in the future?

A: As long as they keep selling, I want to have a plushie of every major character in Marble Hornets (comic characters included).


Q: Will the Masky/Hoody plushie be made again?

A: Makeship doesn’t do reruns of plush designs once they’ve already been made. The only exception to this is if the design has been updated in any meaningful way, such as a glow in the dark version or something like that. I want to make other characters before returning to previous designs.




Q: What advice do you have for making an ARG /webseries?

A: It’s probably not a very satisfying answer but…just make it. Make sure it’s something that you yourself like, and not just a thing you feel like you SHOULD make because it’s popular at the time. If you don’t enjoy making it, then it’s not going to last long.


Q: Do you have any tips for making something “viral”?

A: No. It’s all luck in my opinion.


Q: I’m trying to get through writer’s/artist’s block. Any tips?

A: Best advice I can give is to step away from it for a bit. Trying to force things will probably just make you more frustrated. Try to relax and your brain will catch up!


Q: What editing program do you use?

A: I started off with Sony Vegas but changed over to Premiere Pro halfway through Season 2 of Marble Hornets.




Q: Is Clear Lakes 44 canon to Marble Hornets and/or ECKVA?

A: No, since it’s not easily accessible anymore. I’d like to revisit that story someday though!


Q: How fully fleshed out was the story of Clear Lakes 44?

A: We had about 3-5 episodes written from where we stopped, and then avague outline from there. So…kinda?




Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Louisiana but moved to Alabama when I was 3. I was there until moving to Georgia when I was 26.

Q: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

A: Fargo


Q: Favorite horror movie?

A: The Thing (followed closely by Eraserhead and The Ring)


Q: Favorite video game(s)?

A: The original Warioware for the GBA, Megaman Legends, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Hypnospace Outlaw.


Q: Favorite book?

A: My all time favorite is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I don’t usually go for the fantasy genre, but that book is GOOD